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Quinpool Creations By Laura Regan

Quinpool Crystals

By Laura Regan

Welcome to my Jewelry store.

Here you’ll find handmade, custom jewelry, ornaments and household items such as coasters and pot holders.

These items can be made with Swarovski Crystals, Plastic Beads, Anodized Tempered Aluminum Jumprings and various 100% cotton and Acrylic yarns and threads.


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Please Note:

1) Photos of items are using the default color combinations. Some items can be adjusted with different various other colours which will be listed on the relevant product page.

2) With a few exceptions I do not/cannot have all items in all colour combinations in stock. Most products will be made upon receipt of order.

3) New designs will be posted as they are perfected.

4) Crochet Designs are not all my creations though some have been adjusted by me for jewelry sizes. Special thanks to YouTube channels Bella Coco; HappyBerry Crochet; Nastazia; Guideline Central and others to be listed later for their ideas and tutorials.