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Quinpool Crystals

 There are quite a few earring styles here and so many possible colour combinations I canít possibly take a picture of each or keep a one of every possible combo in stock. So if you see a style but you want a different colour please note it in your order.

 All my Jewellery is handmade and with some few exceptions will be made upon order only (but it doesnít add much time to the process).

 Again when ordering please be sure to quote the entire Bracelet Name as posted on the item picture, any colour requests.

 These bracelets are made using Jumprings of various metals. Colours may vary. If you have any metal sensitivity concerns please ask in advance if the item can be made with a certain metal.

 Please Use Send Information in Box to the Right when Ordering.

 Additional Options are in the Box below to the Left (Photo Examples of Colour Options will be Posted Soon)

Click on the Picture to See the Styles.

Order Information Needed

Product Type: Bracelet

Product Name:

Colour Change Requests: (If Needed)

Metal Change Request: (If Needed)

Comments/Concerns/Added Requests:

 Jumprings come in:

 Silver Plated

 Gold Plated

 Anodized Aluminum

 Possible Colours are:

 Silver (Plated & Anodized Aluminum)

 Gold (Plated & Anodized Aluminum)




 Sky Blue

 Dark Blue

 Light Green

 Dark Green


 Dark Purple



 Light Brown

Price: $5.00 Each

Prices are in Canadian Dollars and Do Not Include Shipping.

See Order Options for Details